Optimis Series A Barrel Hammered Moscow Mule Mugs


Set of 2 premium barrel hammered moscow mule copper mugs. This set includes two copper straws, 2 velvet storage bags, and an eBook that includes recipes, care instructions, and more.

Available at Amazon for buyers located within the US and eBay for buyers located outside the US.

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  • GET THE PARTY STARTED & IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS – Add fun and flair to your soirées with Optimis Series A Moscow Mule Mugs. Your guests will be impressed when you serve them an icy cold drink in a beautifully crafted, barrel hammered copper mug.
  • IT’S THE REAL THING – 100% copper is an excellent material for conducting temperature. When you take a sip of a cold drink from an icy cold mug, the sensation enhances the enjoyment of the experience. Copper Mugs are also great for water, beer, iced tea, soft drinks, or any other cold drink. Our mugs got hammered, but you don’t have to do the same to enjoy them.
  • DON’T HATE ME BECAUSE I’M BEAUTIFUL — Optimis Series A copper mugs begin as a humble 22-gauge sheet of pure copper, then they are handcrafted and polished by skilled artisans in India to become the beautiful barrel hammered drinking vessels that they are. No two mugs are exactly the same, but each one is equally beautiful.
  • BARE COPPER WILL ADD A LITTLE KICK TO YOUR MOSCOW MULE! – Many experts claim that bare copper intensifies the tanginess of the lime juice, enhances the flavor and aroma of the vodka, and boosts the carbonation in the ginger beer. This is why the interior of the Optimis Series A copper mugs are free from any lacquer, tin, nickel, or other substance. It is simply bare, polished copper—just like the original.
  • OPTIMAL FLAIR WITH MINIMAL CARE – The Optimis Series A mug is designed for years of enjoyment with minimal care. We designed our mug to remove many of the trouble spots that tend to be magnets for oxidation that require additional effort to keep clean. The exterior of the mug is coated with an FDA approved food grade lacquer to keep it bright, the barrel hammered design resists smudges and fingerprints, and it is free from the ridges, kinks, and crevices often found on other designs.


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