Optimis prepares to introduce “Series A” premium Moscow Mule copper mugs.

Just in time for the holidays, Optimis is preparing to introduce its Series A line of Moscow Mule copper mugs. The Series A is a classic, 100% copper barrel hammered mug that is manufactured in Uttar Pradesh, India–a part of the world that is known for its copper products. The Series A is a premium mug with several highly desirable features:

  • 100% copper! No tin, stainless steel, nickel, or other alloys.
  • Each mug is hand crafted by skilled artisans. As a result, no two mugs are exactly the same.
  • The mug has a “C” handle for comfort and to make it easy clean.
  • The exterior of the mug is coated with an FDA approved food-grade lacquer to protect the surface of the mug from tarnishing and make it easy to maintain.
  • The interior of the mug is bare copper. This requires a little extra maintenance, but Moscow Mule purists know that an authentic Moscow Mule requires the citric acid in the lime juice to interact with the copper in the mug. That cannot happen if the interior of the mug is lined with tin, stainless steel, lacquer, or anything other than bare copper.
  • As a bonus, the Series A will come with two 100% copper straws/stir sticks. A well-made Moscow Mule is quite enjoyable, but it’s even better from a copper straw.
  • The Series A will also come in an attractive box that is suitable for gift giving.

Below are a few pictures of mugs from the factory floor.

2016-10-05-17-55-54-871 2016-10-05-17-54-58-028

They are nearing completion and we hope to have them available very soon.

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